The Golf Club Will Be Home to the New Elementary School

The Golf Club Will Be Home to the New Elementary School

Groupe Molesini is supposed to assign the lands for the urban park

The City of Brossard has confirmed that the new elementary school in Sector C will be built on land belonging to the former golf club despite objections raised by opposition councillors and many citizens.

The joint announcement by the City and the Marie-Victorin School Board (MVSB) was made at the municipal council meeting held on April 14th. According to the agreement, the municipality will assign to the MVSB a parcel of land with an area of approximately 19,155 square meters located near the entrance of the former golf club, in the zone where construction is permitted.

Elected officials had already approved the City’s acquisition of this land from the promoter, Groupe Molesini, for a little over $5 million.

The promoter is supposed to assign the lands for the urban park, promised by the City, surrounding the school in the zone where construction is prohibited. The transaction also includes the clubhouse.

In consideration therefor, the MVSB will assign a piece of land measuring approximately 20,560 square meters located behind Lucille-Teasdale high school. The agreement contains a condition under which the MVSB is authorized to use the land for free during class hours for a period of 15 years.

Also, the MVSB will assign another piece of land, 12,308 square meters in area, located in proximity to Antoine-Brossard School.

The agreement between the City and the MVSB is conditional to receiving the authorisation from the Environment Ministry.

Criticism Concerning the Chosen Location

Both opposition councillors, Antoine Assaf and Steve Gagnon, voted against the purchase of the land by the City and against the projected land exchange with the MVSB.

“I still say that the City owns other pieces of land that would be more appropriate for the school,” indicated Steve Gagnon.

In support of his decision, he recalls the recommendations contained in a report on Sector C suggesting that all land belonging to the golf club be preserved to create an urban park.

Several Brossard residents once again criticized the City’s decision.

Unanimous Support of the Commissioners

At their meeting held on April 14th, the MVSB commissioners unanimously adopted the statement of agreement.

Michel Gervais, acting commissioner in the sector in question, admitted that several citizens had contacted him about the location chosen.

“Would I have preferred another location? I would have had to have seen it first but I do not have that privilege. I have to work with the City and with the options it offers to build schools.”

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